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Your website is your business face and your business personality. It represents your business values and shows to the world who you are and how you want the world to view you. It is like how much you care and think about your first impression when you first meet someone important in your both personal and business life, how much effort you put to create that positive first impression and you don’t want that to go wrong. Similarly, your website must carry those traits, personalities, specialness so that web visitors can trust you and trust your business. When you visit a new website first time, what goes through your mind? What makes you trust or distrust any website/business? Would a potential customer be willing to spend some time on a website where they are looking for a product? Would they be happy to buy a product by trusting the website? Is it secure to make payment? Would they believe in what the website says? Would customers feel comfortable making payment on the website? While building a website, these questions must get addressed.
A website should be easy to navigate through, at the same time SEO friendly. Most importantly it should serve the purpose and should be updatable as your business grows. The speed at which your web page opens and its acceptance and recognition by mainstream search engines are essential for reaching out your intended customers.

E-commerce Websites

Your E-commerce website should be aesthetically sound, organised, trustworthy, secured and easy to manage. Most importantly, customers should feel welcoming and be able to find and buy the product/services they are looking for easily. The whole transaction should be hassle free that is what we focus upon. From the business point of view, the e-commerce website’s download speed, product listing, product information, user friendliness, product navigation, product search, acceptance and recognition by major search engines such as Google and Bing, and SEO friendliness in other aspects are key.

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